Meet Your Decorators

  • Chris Balch, Partner
    Chris has been staging property since 2002. Along with her partner and daughter, Angela, Final Stage Home Staging, LLC came to life in 2005. Together, they create magic when preparing homes for sale. Their passion for staging reflects in each property they transform. As an Accredited Staging Professional, the designation assures clients they are receiving services that follow the standards and ethics required by Staged Homes. Chris has also been a past president of the St. Louis Chapter of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals and a member of the Better Business Bureau. “We enjoy staging homes both big and small, each design complementing the style of the home. Preparing the home for presentation to showcase at its very best is what staging means to us”, she states.  For Chris, staging is a job she takes very seriously and making sure each client is satisfied is an absolute must!
  • Angela Zach, Partner
    angela-balch-of-final-stage-home-staging Angela has been staging since 2005, drawn into the field by her love of color and design. For her, staging gives her the opportunity to use her skills to help homeowners sell their homes faster. She understands the importance of color and knows the fine line of how to neutralize, but not dull, the look of a home. A staged home should be balanced and flow well, and color selection is a big part of that. Angela has an eye for what a home requires in order to draw in the best potential buyers. With her teaching background, she’s at ease taking care of clients and guiding them through the staging process.  From discussing the staging plan and timeline to explaining what to expect from Final Stage Home Staging, her clients are always excited and beyond pleased to see the end result. She finds that working as a team, her and Chris bring out the best of each other’s creative sides and together they produce homes that seem to simply sell themselves.  

Chris and Angela did a wonderful job staging our home. Our home sold in 1 week!!!!!!!!!


Chris focuses on meeting the vision and goals of the customer while balancing the financial parameters that satisfy all parties involved. Her ideas and creativity delivers a value to anyone needing her services.

-Robert McGee

info@finalstagehomestaging.com   (314) 954-1932